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            Parents Page

When your child starts Preschool we ask parents/carers to complete a 'What makes me Unique?'form which gives us a starting point to get to know you and your child, this is followed by regular updates via our 'All About Me' form.  We are keen to encourage parental involvement in your child's learning and participation in our social activities. We use an online resource 'Tapestry' to record your child's learning journey, for which you will receive login details and                                                                       are welcome to contribute to.

Your child will also be allocated a keyworker when they start preschool. Our key worker system ensures your child's emotional security so they feel happy and are able to play and learn. Your keyworker will get to know you and your child and will maintain the link between home and Preschool, working with parents and sharing information so they can tailor the curriculum to the needs of each individual child to ensure they are fully supported to reach their full potential. We also hold regular 'Meet your Keyworker Sessions' when you can come and discuss your child's                                                                                               progress. 

There are a lot of things that parents ask about when their child starts preschool, we hope this page answers some                                                                            of your questions ;

Baby's Grasp

Bringing your child

On your child's first day they will be welcomed by their keyworker, who will make them feel at home and help them settle in. They will be given their own name label so they can self register and their own peg and drawer to keep their belongings in.  You are welcome to telephone at any time to see how they are getting on.

Clothing and Equipment

We do have aprons for messy play, however it is still a good idea not to send your children in their best clothes. Clothes without awkward buttons, zips or straps which will allow them to go to the toilet unaided are ideal. Comfortable footwear is essential, but it must be suitable for outdoors and a pair of wellies is a good idea, although we do have plenty of spare pairs. If your child is in nappies please send a supply with them or if they are in the process of potty training, [we are happy to help with this] spare clothes are essential.

Cute Baby Items
Mother and Daughter

Collecting your child

To avoid anxiety or distress it is important that you are able to collect your child promptly at the end of the session. We understand that there may occassionally be unavoidable delays, if this is the case please telephone and let us know so we can prepare them for this. If there is a change in who will normally be picking up your child please let us know when you drop them off. You can fill in the details of any family or friends who may collect your child on their enrolment form and we also operate a password system for added security. 

 Accidents and Emergencies

Children often have bumps and spills whilst playing and the vast majority of time this is not a cause for concern. All our staff are trained first aiders and  in the case of minor accidents prompt first aid will be given if this is required and parents will be informed of the incident by a member of staff when they collect their child. The children are constantly monitored by staff members and should there be any cause for concern or an emergency situation occur at any time parents will immediately be contacted and appropriate action taken. Parents are asked to fill in their emergency contact details on their child's enrolment form. 

First Aid
Holding Thermometer

    Absences and Sickness

We ask that you please let Preschool know before 10am if you child is going to be absent from Preschool for whatever reason so that we can plan the day accordingly. If you are in doubt as to whether or not to keep your child at home, our general advice is that if they require Calpol [teething excepted] then they are not well enough to attend Preschool. Alternatively please refer to our 'Should I keep my child at Home' sheet which you will receive when you enrol your child in Preschool, this details all the common communicable diseases and the isolation periods required. 

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