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Our Learning


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and keep a learning journey for each child, using Tapestry, an online system for recording your child's learning.  Your child's learning journal helps us celebrate his/her achievements and helps us work together in partnership with parents to provide whatever your child needs for their wellbeing and to make progress. Your child's keyworker will collect information about your child's needs, activities and achievements and you will have the opportunity to both view and contribute to your child's learning and development via this online platform.

Role Play

We offer our children a wide variety of resources and materials, enriching our environment both inside and out with resources, natural objects, images, music and dance to inspire their imaginations, to build, to become, to represent and experiment with their imaginative play and thinking. We have  dressing up clothes, kitchen, play food, to enable children to use their imagination and recreate roles.

Maleable/Sand /Water

We provide an easily accessible range of tools, loose parts and equipment and materials e.g. playdough to encourage and develop children's emerging manipulative skills. We have open ended props and materials that can easily be manipulated and transformed in play. We regularly have gloop and playdough with rollers, cutters and stamps. We have inddor and outdoor sand and water trays with resources for measuring, pouring, building and scooping.

Book Corner

We provide a range of reading materials that enable children to draw on their home and community experiences and introduce children to new and diverse versions of text, genre and media. We have stories, pictures and puppets which allow children to talk about and discuss how characters feel. 


We find quality time everyday to tell and read stories to the children using puppets, soft toys or real objects and props. we create frequent opportunities for singing, rhymes and music sessions. We play listening games, take part in phonics activities and provide a range of accessible materials and tools for writing as part of our everyday play activities.


We use opportunities o describe everyday items and contexts using the formal language of size, length, weight and capacity. and  within daily routines to support and develop children's sense of number and shape. We support and help children to use their own graphics when problem solving and we help children choose shapes for a purpose and discuss shapes and number in the environment

Outside Play

We have time and space to enjoy daily energetic play outdoors, ensuring a safe space and making the most of our outside space providing tactile and visual stimulation. We provide a range of wheeled toys such as bikes, scooters, stepping stones and stilts. We have items for emptying, filling and carrying and provide equipment that enables children to help with care tasks such as sweeping, washing, pouring and digging


We have resources for mixing colour and combining materials, providing opportunities to encounter and revisit key materials, resources and tools through which children can further explore form ,colour, texture and composition. We give children the opportunity to look at and touch interesting artefacts and resources chosen for their design, pattern and ability to inspire exploration. We create a space where work can be kept safely and can be shared with others toconnect ideas, interests and experiences.

Small World/Construction

We offer children opportunities to use their and develop their skills with various construction materials  such as blocks, mobilo, stickle bricks, etc together with a variety of small world resources such as dinosaurs, mini beasts, wild animals, houses, garages, farms, train and road tracks and people who help us for children to engage in imaginative play based on their own ideas, first hand or peer experiences and stories.


We incorporate technology resources that children recognise into their play such as cameras, telephones etc. We provide safe equipment such as torches. We have a range of programmable toys for children to play with as well as equipment involving ICT such as computers and touch screen devices, educational games and children's interactive play computers 

Our curriculum ensures that the needs of all children are met within a high quality environment both indoors and out. Our team carry out sessions observing children's learning and development to ensure we are confident with our judgements and that they are consistant and accurate. We also input data regularly to ensure that your children's progress is monitored carefully and the vast majority of our children leave Leaps & Bounds ready for the next stage in their education.

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